a born creator, self-taught glass artist jennifer blair admits that her glass work has evolved organically through trial & error and hours of creative exploration within the medium. when she first started experimenting with glass in 2007, her designs were straightforward, linear and often symmetrical. after uprooting her business to vancouver in 2010, her designs have taken a more laid back, organic direction inspired mostly by the simple west coast lifestyle.  

jennifer begins her creative process with visual inspirations ranging from thrift stores, items collected on nature walks and photographs in preparation to arrange and design every piece from scratch. each mountain hand cut, every tree, hand painted. all raw art glass is cut, designed, layered and fired in one of her two kilns, then cooled. all finishing techniques - cold working the glass, grinding, wire wrapping and assembling is done by blair's own two hands, ensuring an original and quality product every time. 

blair recently discovered a love for chemical reactions that occur between glass and certain metals like copper and silver, that when fired together, create fascinating shifts in colour and texture. jennifer resides on vancouver island with her husband, two small children and dog.